University of Delaware
Fightin’ Blue Hen Marching Band

Professional Staff

    Professor of Music

    Ms. Sarver was appointed to the faculty of the Department of Music in 1995. In addition to being Director of the 340+ member Fightin' Blue Hen Marching Band, she is also the Co-Director of the Symphonic Band, instructor of the Marching Band Techniques course, and supervisor for student teachers pursuing an undergraduate degree in music education.

    Assistant Professor of Music

    Mr. Ancona also joined the faculty of the Department of Music in 1995. In addition to being the Assistant Director of the 340+ member Fightin' Blue Hen Marching Band, he is also Director of the Basketball Pep Band, Co-Director of the Symphonic Band, instructor of the Marching Percussion Techniques course and Basic Instrumental Conducting course.


    Mrs. McAdams was the Assistant Colorguard Instructor with the UDMB prior to her becoming Director in 2006. She is also the Director of DELAZURE, our WGI Finalist and award winning Indoor Guard. She is a band director in the Daniel Boone School District, PA.


    For over 20 years Mrs. Frank ran the Silver Starlite program in New York, where members of the program won numerous state, regional and national titles in team and solo events. She is the former director of numerous NBTA contests and the New York State NBTA competition. Currently she is an active NBTA national twirling judge and instructor.

Student Staff

  • Graduate Assistants
    Lindsey Hartfelder — Percussion GA
    Joanna McCoskey — Woodwind GA
    Emily Smith — Brass GA

  • Drum Majors
    Brandon Boehm
    Patrick Bryant
    Kevin Flaherty
    Cheyenne Smith

  • Drill Coordinators
    Matt Criscuolo
    Mike Stafford
    Catie Preszler

  • Music Coordinators
    Samantha Kasehagen — Woodwinds
    Derek Dillman — Brass

  • Flutes
    Ali DeAngelis — Drill Section Leader
    Anna Krammes — Co-Music Section Leader
    Danny Pineyro — Co-Music Section Leader
    Madison Kinsey — Rank Leader
    Vasant Sarthi — Rank Leader
    Liz Webb — Rank Leader

  • Clarinets:
    John Barber — Co-Drill Section Leaders
    Jared Sharpe — Co-Drill Section Leader Leader
    Margaret Tobey — Music Section Leader
    Julie Giannino — Rank Leader
    Anne Glerum — Rank Leader
    Danielle Mikolajewski — Rank Leader

  • Alto Saxophones:
    Jordan Kavanaugh — Drill Section Leader
    Dan Gorski — Co-Music Section Leader
    Dan Armistead — Co-Music Section Leader
    Will Eichler — Rank Leader
    Kathryn Husted — Rank Leader
    John Malone — Rank Leader

  • Tenor Saxophones:
    Abby Berman — Drill Section Leader
    Jessa Sablan — Co-Music Section Leader
    Ryan Staib — Co-Music Section Leader
    Zoe Coffing — Rank Leader
    Steven Gelberg — Rank Leader
    Mitchell Land — Rank Leader

  • Trumpets:
    Scott Benton — Drill Section Leader
    Derek Dillman — Music Section Leader
    Jillian Laakso — Assistant Music Section Leader
    Ben Rossman — Assistant Music Section Leader
    Gabby DeAngelis — Rank Leader
    Ayanna Posipanko — Rank Leader
    Steven Riddle — Rank Leader
    Jacob Tims — Rank Leader

  • Mellophones:
    Cat Gehringer — Drill Section Leader
    Kayla Eidle — Music Section Leader
    Jack Malone — Rank Leader
    Madisyn Steinberg — Rank Leader

  • Trombones:
    Matt Rocha — Drill Section Leader
    Daniella Restrepo — Music Section Leader
    Amjed Hallak — Rank Leader
    Stephen Faulkenberry — Rank Leader

  • Euphoniums:
    Robbie Inforzato — Drill Section Leader
    Tim Satterfield — Music Section Leader
    Katie Chambers — Rank Leader
    Dante Marcelle — Rank Leader

  • Tubas:
    Brenden Peterson — Drill Section Leader
    Ross Forney — Co-Music Section Leader
    Jacob Moore — Co-Music Section Leader
    John Preuse — Rank Leader